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You may be thinking... but I have already spent so much on my weight loss surgery!!!  

Why do I need a weight loss program too?  Isn't that what the surgery is for?  

Well, the answer is partly yes but  there is more to the story... 

Weight loss surgery solves one part of the weight loss puzzle but it is by no means a complete solution...

Don't just take my word for it,  read on to see for yourself what one of our collaborative Bariatric Surgeons has to say in answer this common question.

"It has been shown in many studies now, that bariatric surgery provides far better results if it is accompanied by proper support by the surgeon, bariatric dietitian, bariatric psychology, and managed exercise programs, particularly if delivered in an environment dedicated to helping weight loss patients, and not just a general exercise facility such as a general gym.

These research findings have led me to work with the Hub to develop a specific bariatric program to assist before and after anti-obesity surgery, utilizing staff trained specifically in the management of overweight, and in a dedicated facility for patients undertaking weight management. 

I now strongly recommend all new bariatric surgery patients be supported in this program, and I am progressively informing all previous bariatric surgery patients of the availability of this program for them as well".

Mr Stephen Wilkinson 
Bariatric Surgeon and Medical Director Tasmanian Anti-Obesity Surgery 

"Best thing I've ever done, wish I'd known about it sooner!" Kerrin

I ’ve lost over 90kg and have stumbled and stalked and now back on track again...

We are given the tools but we are the engineers at the end of the day.

Thank you my family, Lisa Sproule , my surgeon (steve) the wonderful team at the health hub and 
most of all myself for believing in me again 💕💕💕💕
Tammy !

The Transformed Program has been specifically designed for patients after who have undergone weight loss surgery, however, as you will see, it has little to do with weight loss or eating. 

Transformed primarily deals with the foundations of healthy living through awareness, self-compassion and education.

Staying on track after weight loss surgery and not returning back to old habits and patterns of living is often hard.

Some of the comments and struggles that I have seen in my weight loss patients include the following:

1. Weight loss surgery only deals with the "plumbing".
It doesn't deal with the underlying issues.

2. Transfer of the addiction.
Addictions can transfer from food to other substances and this behavior is also common in patients with weight loss surgery, however, by addressing the underlying causes, this can be avoided.

3. A new body but an old mind.
Most surgical programs may offer great support leading up to your operation, but then do not have the resources to deal with why the surgery was needed in the first place.

The Transformed Difference...
Our team of medical practitioners, dietitians, exercise physiologists and clinical psychologists will give you the strategies and support you need to get to a healthier body weight.

We offer online and in centre programs for people who have had or are considering weight loss surgery.


What does weight loss mean to you?
  • ​Longer life expectancy​
  • Increased quality and enjoyment of life 
  • ​Improved intimacy
  • Lower risk of diabetes and other weight related disease
  • ​Better nights sleep
  • ​Easier breathing
  • ​ Elevated mood
  • ​More energy and vitality
  • Better mental health and well being
  • ​Improved general health
  • ​Improved confidence and self esteem
  • ​Decreased risk of premature death
  • ​Easier breathing
  • ​Enhanced sex life
  • Decreased risk of heart disease and high blood pressure
  • Decrease in joint pain and lower back pain
  • ​Positive self Image
  • ​Easier movement
Losing weight the right way has so many other benefits that I will discuss with you in more detail on our coaching call...

Disclaimer: Weight Loss will vary for each person in accordance with individual circumstances, 
levels and engagement with the program content and weight loss goals of each person.
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